Meaning and Definition

Whatever the reason may be to stay in another country such as for tour, higher education, medical treatment, work visa is required. So what is the visa actually stands for is the first query which comes in the mind.

VISA is a certificate issued to the applicant by the immigration authority of a country. VISA confirms that the applicants all the credentials have been verified and the concerned person is permitted to take entry in the country and the stay for a specific period of time is mentioned.

In short, VISA is a document certifying authority to take entry form one country to another country for the mentioned duration and purpose in the document. There is place in the Passport where the stamp is put in for VISA.

VISA Types

  • Australia Remaining Relative Visa – Sub Class 115
  • Australia Skill Independent Visa – Sub Class 189
  • Australia State Sponsorship – Sub Class 190
  • Australia Family Sponsorship Visa – Sub Class 489
  • Australia Regional State Sponsership
  • Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme – QMAS
  • Canada Express Entry Stream
  • Canada – Open Work Permit
  • Canada – Parents Visa
  • Germany Job Seeker Visa
  • Denmark Green card Scheme


As every country differs from one another, VISA guidelines and procedure also differs. There various types of VISAS issued as per the need, requirement, and purpose. Oceans Outsourcing is expert in providing VISA services. The most frequently issued VISAS are visit visa for the purpose of visiting a country for pleasure and see its beauty such as COSTA RICA.

There are various types of VISAS issued for different purpose and duration. We at Oceans Outsourcing provides assistance for the entire process and explain step by step. Our experienced professional do face to face counseling, gather information and submit the document on the behalf of the applicant. They do regular follow ups and keep the applicant informed with the progress.

  • The two most important VISAS are Visitor and Tourist Visa. Often get confused as the same but there a is difference between the two. Tourist Visa as the name tells itself is for traveling purpose for a limited period of time where as Visitor VISA is for varied reasons mentioned on VISA stamps such as visiting relatives, friends and medical treatment. US issues two types of Visitor VISAS, B1 for business purpose and B2 for medical treatment or pleasure.
  • Other than these other types of VISAS are include Single- Entry Visa, the name itself confirms, visit could be done for a single time. Whereas for taking entry many times in a valid time period Multiple VISAS are applied for. Basically, for Business reasons Business VISAS are applied and this allows for business discussions, presentations for a short period.


The duration of VISA could be extended and the same needs to be applied. At Oceans Outsourcing, applicants experience hassle free Visa approvals with time, money and effort saving.

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