Step by step instructions to Apply for Australia PR Visa?

Australia : The land of opportunities and elegant lifestyle

When you consider going to Australia, for perpetual living arrangement be rest guaranteed you are well dealt with. With stunning scene, rich botanical cover and a different untamed life scene, the island mainland of Australia is the best choice undoubtedly. Known for its rich and varied heritage Australia is the first country that an immigrant thinks of, of course the perks involved being a permanent resident of this country is another lucrative factor.

Australia is a country where people from different parts of the world are so intensely amalgamated amongst each other that it is very hard to separate them out. This multi-ethnic foundations has always attracted the people from different parts of the globe to have Australia as their first preference for settling down.

Perks being a Permanent Resident of Australia

  • World Class Level of Quality Education and comprehensive of choice colleges to choose your career from.
  • Vast and good paying employment opportunities.
  • World class medical facilities and an all around continued Healthcare arrangement for the residents from the government is yet another reason for Australia being the top choice of immigrants.
  • Standard of living in this country is not hidden from anyone which is and added reason for migration to this country.
  • World class infrastructure combined with awesome climatic conditions make Australia the best suited place to live in.
  • With so many perks involved being a citizen of this country, nothing else is required to be explained more for any one to apply for PR visa for Australia. Being the best PR visa consultant in Delhi just relax, we will help you glide through the process of application for Australia

The various stages for the process of application are listed down for a brief reference.

Stage 1

Most of the candidates willing to be a part of this country faces rejection in the very first stage. They don’t know which subclass of visa they are supposed to apply for. We make sure that you select the right Visa Subclass and additionally download the relevant visa application form that you are required to fill.

Stage 2

Applicants are required to do proper documentation and in the right format to as to nullify any chances of rejection. Applicant is supposed to fill all the document and attach all the required ones. Incomplete and missing document will delay the process or may lead to the rejection for migration to Canada.

Stage 3

Plan for IELTS and Skills Assessment for the named occupation you are deciding for. After this, you have to file for an Expression of Interest (EOI). Based on your qualification, experience, eligibility requirements and last but not the least the total points scored on the Ranking system the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will be sending you for an Invitation to apply (ITA). This completes your application process for PR visa to Australia.

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