How to select best immigration consultant for PR visa?

If you are planning to shift to a foreign country, the first thing you need to do is apply for its PR visa. Most of the Indians prefer to shift to Canada, Australia, and Germany these days. There are many reasons for doing so like job opportunity, post-graduation course, partner lives in a foreign country etc. The process of applying for a PR visa requires good knowledge and can be really time-consuming as well. In order to make the entire process of applying visa application easy for you immigration consultants plays a major role. Immigration consultants New Delhi can be consulted for applying for PR visa for different countries. Their team of experts can guide you through the entire process and help in getting a PR visa in a convenient way.

Few tips for selecting the best consultant are discussed below:

 Choose a registered consultancy:

The very first thing which you should identify about a consultancy is that whether it is registered with the immigration regulatory body of the country where you are planning to immigrate or not. This is very important as if a consultancy is not a registered one that it cannot help in getting authentic PR Visa. Also, chances are you may lose your money with them.

Connect with the consultancy firm directly:

You should not prefer to opt for freelancers or agents with no team and proper office set up. You are more likely to get tricked by such agents with the wrong visa. To make sure you are getting genuine visa it is must you contact an immigration consultancy firm who has a proper office set up and will apply for your visa by following the authentic process for it. With them you can be sure they will help in getting PR visa by following the right path and your money will not get wasted.

 Stay away from agents offering overseas job opportunities:

Never prefer the consultant who is offering with overseas job opportunities. Most of them are fake and just tricks you so that you apply for your visa with them. It is advisable to first well research about such consultants and opt for their services only if you find them genuine.

 Friendly and cooperative:

This is one thing you must make sure your consultant has. They must be friendly and cooperative both and ready to assist you with each and every step of applying for visa application. They should be capable to explain you the immigration process in detail and also clarify your queries related to it. You may prefer them to ask a few questions to identify whether they will be cooperative with you or not.

There are many immigration consultancy service providers but among them, you must choose the most reliable one. Know about Oceans Outsourcing Solutions and contact them, if you are looking for the most reliable immigration consultant to apply for your PR visa from India. They can help in getting a PR visa for different countries in an authentic and cost-efficient way.

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