Regional State Sponsorship

Point Test For Australia Migration

Under the Regional State Sponsorship permit, all employers in any region of Australia can sponsor any skilled foreign national employee to apply for a permanent work visa to work in australia. The applicants of this visa could be a highly skilled aspirant from any country or currently a high skilled worker from abroad, temporarily working and residing in Australia. We , at Oceans outsourcing strives to yield you the efficient service and understand the value of our existing customers.

The Three Streams

This visa process, allows one to work and reside in Australia, via one of the three below listed processes:-
  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream – this is for sub class 457 visa holders, having worked for two years, while holding the sub class 457 visa, in the similar occupation employer, with their nominating employer and now wants them to offer a permanent position with the same occupation.
  • The Direct Entry Stream – this is for those employees, who have nominations from their employer under this class, have never worked or have worked for a very short period in Australia and for those who are temporary residents and do not qualify for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream.
  • The Agreement Stream – is meant for individuals who have sponsorship from an employer in Australia via labour agreement.

Eligibility Criteria’s

To qualify for this permit, you will have to have the following:-
  • Been nominated by an approved Australian employer, operating its business in regional Australia (Regional Australian broadly means the entire Australia except Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, New Castle and Wollongong).
  • Should be under 50 years of age at the time of filing the application, unless exempted.
  • Should have the requisite skills and qualification for the position nominated for along with proficiency in English language, supported by relevant mandatory registrations, license or professional memberships at the time of lodging the visa application.
  • At the time of filing the application for the permit should have appropriate English language skills for Temporary Residence Transition and Direct Entry Streams, unless being exempted.
  • The Applicant and the family members should fulfil health and character requirements.
  • Should file petition under the category they are offered their nomination.

On successful submission of application with complete requisites, the entire process takes about 9 to 14 months to complete.

The visa allows you and your family of the following in Australia:-

  • Permanently reside in Australia for indefinite period.
  • Work and study anywhere in Australia.
  • Take benefit of Australia’s health schemes and medical benefits.
  • Can apply for permanent Australian Citizenship.
  • Provide sponsorship to one’s eligible family members and relatives.
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