How to stand beyond the crowd for migrating to your dream destination Canada?

Canada is one of those nations which have planned and utilized a point based framework for distributing permanent visas to the skilled experts from abroad nations. Applicants from all over the globe aspire to migrate to Canada because of the benefits involved being a citizen of Canada and their crystal clear process of immigration. According to their predefined point framework, the candidates are scrutinized and hence chosen among the various applicants, depending on their point score.

Below are the factors that decide the applicants Canada Immigration Points.

  • Language Skills
  • Educational Qualification
  • Professional Experience
  • Age
  • Employment offer from Canada
  • Adaptability

In any case, now and then, this point score doesn’t assist the meriting candidates with getting the Express Entry ITA (Invitation to Apply) from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Keeping in mind these are some key tips through which an applicant can raise his express entry point score or CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) which in turn increases the chances of an offer for immigration to Canada.

Valuable guidelines to raise your score in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Out of many different ways through which an applicant can improve his Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score below written strategies are generally ignored by even the brightest applicants also.

Additional CRS points for the knowledge of Secondary Language (French)

Applicant with the knowledge of French as an additional language in their bucket are awarded with additional CRS points which in turn increases their chances for getting visa to their dream destination Canada. So for increasing your chances for getting visa for Canada it is advisable to learn French as an additional language to gain advantages over other applicants.

Extra CRS Points for Siblings in Canada

As per the new grading procedure, applicants who have their siblings already working in Canada are rewarded with extra CRS points in your express entry profile.

Extra CRS points for improved IELTS score

Applicants who have better IELTS score over others are given extra CRS points. So an applicants can always opt for this option for getting additional points which in turn can be an added advantage over other applicants.

Points for Provincial Nomination

  • You can procure enormous points if any province has designated you for Canadian Permanent Residency. Provincial nominations can add up to 600 CRS points giving the applicant a huge lead over other for invitation to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency Program.
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