Germany Job Seeker Visa


Being the economic fore front and power capital of Europe, Germany for its highest growth rates and low unemployment, has always been a dream destination for all job seekers. With colourful and vibrant cities, large castles and colonial palaces, picturesque locals and peaceful environment, Germany is a country of many faces. Also, being one of the richest and safest countries of the world, it has one of the best education and medical health facilities available for its residents.

  • With the growing economic demands of Germany, the demand for highly skilled workers have also increased in recent times. It provides an excellent and encourages young skilled professionals to explore their potentials and at the same time are also well paid.
  • In order to explore the chances of employment in Germany, you would require a Job Seeker Visa. This is a long term permit visa that allows you to visit and stay in Germany for a period of 6 months and find a job for yourself.
  • Through, this visa Germany has attracted many highly skilled workers to come and work and fill up their requirements for skilled manpower.
  • By the end of 6 months if you have found a place of employment, you can apply for germany work permit visa or Visa.
  • On grant of the same, you are allowed to work and live there. It is to be understood that the Job Seekers Visa is not a permit to immediately start working in Germany, but it only allows you to stay and find a job for yourself.

Eligibility for Job Seekers Visa:-

  • Have to furnish proof of funds to support your stay in Germany.
  • Have travel and medical insurance for the duration of stay in Germany.
  • If you are really keen on working in Germany, we at Oceans Outsourcing Consulting have all the possible aptitudes in getting you through.
  • After you have successfully compiled all your necessary documentations as mentioned above along with the application form, we would help you through the further processes.
  • Our team of expert consultants and visa administrators would seek an appointment for you with the German Visa Consulate. Preparing a good application on your behalf and submitting is half the job done, the rest will depend on your interview assessment. We will prepare you on the same also.
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