Family Sponsorship Visa – Sub Class 489

Point Test For Australia Migration

This popular family sponsorship of Australia is meant for skilled specialists and trades-persons from outside the nation, who have received nominations from any of the state or territory from an eligible relative residing in any of the nation’s constructed regions. This permit is legally valid for duration of 4 years, and the holder has a right to reside and professionally involved in a specific area of Australia. The applicants can mention the name of some of their family members in the petition for the visa.

If for any reason the candidate failed to get Australia 189 or 190 visa, they can apply for Family sponsorship visa.

Requirements of Family sponsorship-489

  • You should, present an Expression of Interest (EOI), and will be invited, via Skill Select. In case an invite comes your way, you will have 60 days for file the petition online
  • To present an effective EOI, it is important to now English language.
  • Your permit submission will need several supporting certificates/papers, as given in the document checklist.
  • You and your family have to require suitable passports to receive the permit. In case you intend to obtain a fresh passport, it is important that you do the same before you file a petition for the permit.
  • You ought to be less than 50 years of age.
  • You should have obtained the total specified in your letter of invitation, and have to pass the English test.

Benefits of Family sponsorship

  • You can reside in Australia for a maximum of 4 years.
  • You can professionally engaged there and pursue studies in a specified regional area of the country.
  • You can take a trip in and out of Oz while the permit is legally legitimate.
  • You also get a corridor to the prized Permanent Residence (PR).
Want to submit a petition for the Australia Sub-category 189) immigration Visa? Then below are the requirements.
  • Your updated CV;
  • Your partner’s CV (in case applicable); and
  • Particulars of kids if applicable.

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