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Australia is one of the best countries to stay and work. In order to encourage people from various countries, various visa categories have been designed to offer Permanent Residency Visa for Australia to selected candidates, such as Subclass 189 Visa, Subclass 190 Visa, and many more.

In order to apply for these visas, candidates need to follow a point bases immigration system and on the basis of the points scored the Australian system finally determines the candidate’s eligibility to qualify and apply for the Australian PR Visas. Factors like age, education, language proficiency and work experience plays a major role in the point based system.

There are a plethora of benefits in being granted Permanent Residency Visa for Australia, and some of which are as noted below:

  • One can live and work in Australia permanently.
  • After spending certain years in PR status, one can apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Once a citizen of the country, one can enjoy a host of many benefits like the other citizens of Australia like subsidized health and legal services.
  • One can sponsor their relative and family members provided fulfilling criteria requirements.
  • It provides one with the right to live, travel, study and work in New Zealand, after permissions from the New Zealand government.
  • Children born in Australia will be considered as Australian citizen by birth.

The State sponsored visa for Australia, are meant for skilled workers, who are being nominated by a state or territory and allows the visa holder to live and work anywhere in Australia. There are possibilities of including certain family members in the application. One must at least score 60 points in the points test to apply.

In order to lodge an application one has to submit Expression of Interest or if nominated by the state, will receive an invitation to apply. Certain criteria’s like age (45 years of below), skill assessments from relevant authorities, proficiency in English and meeting health and character requirements are mandatory to clear to be granted the visa.

A successful applicant is allowed 5 year multiple entry visa to live and work in Austraila.

The Visitor Visa for Australia (Subclass 600), allows an individual to visit Australia for tourism (holidays, recreation or seeing a relative or friend) or business (attend conferences, business exploration or meetings) visit activities for a span of three, six or twelve months on the max. Under this visa one cannot work or provide services to any organization or sell goods and services to public. People intent to take up small courses to studies in Australia up to a span of 3 months can also apply for this visa.

Australian Immigration services requires one to have a valid visa to be allowed to enter Australia, unless a valid Australian passport holder. Visa Immigration Services to Australia is an internationally reputed immigration firm believing in the philosophy of immigration to a new country should be a wonderful experience with the help from the right experts. The highly experienced and dedicated team of Visa Immigration Services to Australia are well versed with all immigration requirements and laws of Australia. Join the site Ocean Outsourcing and know more about the immigration procedures.

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