Explore the Canada Immigration Process & its Benefits

Canada is one of the most ideal country to migrate and settle, and provides an opportunity for a new life in the country with easy immigration policies, high employment rates and ideal situations to settle, work and raise a family. A permanent resident of Canada is a citizen from a different country who has been offered a permanent resident status by immigration to Canada.

There are many immigration programmes to offer Canada Permanent Resident Visa to skilled and talented aspirants from overseas, such as the Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker Programme and the Provincial Nominee Programme to name a few. Most of these programmes follow the point based system and thereby selection for PR Visa is dependent of the points scored which depends on factors like age, qualification, working experience, language proficiency etc.

The permanent residents of Canada are allotted the Permanent Resident Card or the PR Card, which can be used to prove of their permanent resident status. The card is also required when travelling outside and back to Canada along with the passport. There are certain rights that one enjoys numerous benefits and rights like any other Canadian Citizen like live, study and work anywhere in Canada, right to social benefits like healthcare coverage, protection under the Canadian law and apply for Canadian citizenship. The only difference lies on the subjects of right to vote and opt for a job that needs high level security clearance, which are not allowed on PR Visa.

There are certain residency obligations that are needed to be fulfilled by Canada Permanent Resident Visa holders have to be physically present for at least 730 days (2 years) out of every 5 years period in Canada and doing either one of the following:-

  • Remain and reside in Canada.
  • Accompany Canadian citizen spouse abroad.
  • Work abroad for a Canadian company.

Canadian Express Entry Visa, is a general immigration form made for professional and workers. Based on the needs and requirements by the economy and labour market, Canadian Express Entry System selects skilled and talented aspirants based on the point system for permanent residency. A draw is made called the Canada Express Entry Draw every fortnight to choose the best candidates to invite to apply for Canadian PR Visa. Candidates who meets or exceeds the qualifying marks stands eligible for this draw.

To process to obtain permanent residency in Canada could be tedious and complex due to the state of constant change in foreign policies and modification in rules and regulations. If you are an aspirant and is interested in Canadian Permanent Residency Visa, take assistance and support from a reputed visa consultant to go through process. Be ensured of the right guidance to meet all the documentation requirements for the programme. With expert and professional guidance the team of dedicated immigration experts you can be rest assured in getting your PR Visa granted and settle in Canada. Grab the best opportunity to permanently settle and live in Canada and boost your career.

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