Everyone knows about counseling and the types of counseling such as overseas education, travel as so on. To get permission to enter, leave or stay in a country for a specific period of time or to relocate for immigration purpose is not easy. The process is cumbersome and needs relevant knowledge. We at Oceans Outsourcing arrange for one to one counselor for immigration of different countries and different types of Visa.

How Counseling Helps

As the money and time are precious and process is lengthy with a lot of information required the appropriate guidance and knowledge plays a vital role.

  • Oceans Outsourcing provides a professional and skilled team of the counselor. The entire process is explained with minor things in a relaxing and comfortable way. The entire scene is created before visit which not only helps the clients also make the trip enjoyable. This gives immense pleasure and hassles free experience whether applied for an immigration or any kind of Visa.
  • Incorrect information leads to cancellation and heavy penalties, delay in the trip with dissatisfaction. As every country has some different legalities involved, the correct application with appropriate documents prior to submission needs relevant information to avoid any delay. The expert counselor at Oceans Outsourcing is a helping hand and creates a healthy environment leading the completion of the entire process. As each country, immigration and Visa document and submission process are different the correct information and guidance by the counselor saves time, money and effort.
  • Oceans Outsourcing is the Best Immigration Consultant in Nehru Place Delhi India with skilled and professional counselor ensures to avoid any legal issues. The expert team takes the responsibility of obtaining documents and completion of the entire process smoothly. Our expert consultants provide step by step guidance. They gather the entire information, submit an application on the behalf of applicants and keep updated on the progress without delay.
  • Our reliable immigration consultants provide a platform between the individuals and the relocating country. The consultants follow strict timeline during the entire process and communicate strongly with authorities and applicant thoroughly via email and call. Our consultants are equipped with a strong understanding of border control procedure and related legislation.


Whether to assist for the work visa, green card or obtaining permit stamps our reliable consultants work close to the permit authorities and keep watch on the latest updates related to the procedures. Our consultants provide no stone unturned while guiding the applicant and make the entire process smooth and easy going. Our consultants also guide and takes care of re-appealing, for rejected submissions.

We are Authorized Immigration Consultant. You will get all the information quickly and get the Immediate Solution. Contact us anytime for further query at We are happy to help you.