A complete guide for Immigration to Canada, get your PR easily

Nowadays, Immigration to other nation is a common factor in almost every nation. We find immigration to Canada ratio is the highest among all nations. The query immediately comes to the mind is, what is the most influencing factor in Canada which allows the migration from other nation?

There are number of reasons for the same but the most important is the immigration policy.

Yes, the immigration policy for permanent residency in Canada is the mainly positive among the rest all.

The other factors are the very good standard of living, free education and medicals with the dual citizenship allowed.
These are only a few one which is attracting the pool of citizens.

How to proceed for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Once you have chosen for the permanent residency in Canada the proceedings start with the Canadian express entry. Canadian express entry visa is a point based system and opens an opportunity to work and live in Canada.

Oceans Outsourcing assists you and guides you step by step for the application process and finishing the necessary documentation. The firm updates you timely and ensures for the application being processed. The firm keeps close touch with the Canadian immigration authorities.

Express entry is point based which is CSR- Comprehensive Ranking System. Total points 1200 are offered under Express entry CRS.

First of all, an online express entry profile needs to be created based on skills and qualification. This becomes the base for Work Visa in Canada. This factor shows how the candidate would become the asset for the nation.

Once the application is selected the invitation to Apply is issued that needs to be responded in 60 days to qualify for PR.

Now the query comes what would be the maximum duration of this process? Don’t worry in maximum six months you would get your PR for Canada.

Work Visa in Canada

  • Canada offers a number of work opportunities for professionals in IT and software. It is also a perfect destination for work-life balance. Once the work is started people initiate to settle with the family due to the number of advantages available there.
  • One can apply through the Express entry -Canada Immigration Job Bank. Oceans Outsourcing provides the entire process and guidance for this. There other ways also and firm suggests the best way depending upon the time and duration of the application.

What is a Canada Job Bank?

  • Actually, this job bank is a set of various job sites and to name a few are- Monster, Job Bank, and Work. The application process is same as we apply on the job portals, one has to select the job posted according to the criteria mentioned.
  • Work Visa in Canada is awarded under the TFWP-Temporary Foreign Worker Program by IRCC-Immigration, Refugees, and citizenship Canada. Before arriving the Canada one must have the approved job offer and work permit.
  • You could any time contact Oceans Outsourcing for the full assistance related to the Canadian express entry visa and immigration other ways.

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