Indian ranked number 2 on the charts for claiming Canadian Citizenship

With the perks being the permanent resident (PR) of Canada, every Indian wishes to be a part of this beautiful country. Just to make sure that the right aspirant get the permanent residency (PR) visa, Canada has a very transparent process for providing invitation to apply ( ITA) for permanent residency.

Canadian Government keeps on changing its policy time to time. With recent changes in Canadian immigration rule, there has been a marked increased ( almost 50% ) in the citizenship granted to Indian in a period of 10-12 months taken into reference. Many Indians have acquired Canadian citizenship by spending the specified duration that they are supposed to be staying over there.

15,000 Indians acquired citizenship during the past 10 months which is twice as compared to people getting Canadian citiizenship last year.

As per the official figure India is just next to Philippines, which has claimed 15642 Canadian citizenship ( 11% rise compared to last year ).

As per preliminary official figures as projected by Canadian Government 1.39 lacs permanent residents become the Canadian citizen all over the world out of which Indian claims 11% single handedly.

The rise in the number of Indian getting citizenship for Canada is due to the change in policies. As per the new policy norms a permanent resident is required to complete 3 years of stay out of 5 years ( which was previously 4years out of 6 years ) to get the citizenship of Canada. This has attracted more and more aspirants to apply for Permanent residency visa which in turn will lead a path for getting Canadian citizenship and enjoy the perks.

Not to mention that having the citizenship of Canada has its own advantages. A Canadian Citizenship holder can take part in government policies and apply for government jobs in Canada.

In the year 2017 as per the list officially published in the annual report by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) , 51000 Indian were granted permanent residency visa. This figure surpassed the toll of Philippines which got 40857 permanent residency visa.

Canadian government is planning to provide more that a million Permanent
Residency visa in the coming three years. This implies that aspirants have a fair chance to get permanent residency visa for Canada and with the relief in policies by Canadian government people can opt for citizenship of Canada.

The above facts and figures shows that the chances of getting Permanent Residency visa has increased significantly. This is a golden opportunity for all the aspirant wishing to be a part of this country.

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