Australia Immigration

Point Test For Australia Migration

The Skilled Immigration to Australia & the Visa Benefits

Australia is a wild and beautiful place, surrounded by lush vegetation. This is the popular place for a trip. If you say about the immigration to Australia, then it is the best place to work there or visit there. Oceans Outsourcing will yield all the Australia Skilled – State Nominated (subclass 190) Visa widely known as Skilled Immigration to Australia. This immigration is generally based on the concept of getting Permanent Residence (PR) Permit, and principally meant for the skilled experts and trades people, who are nominated by the Australian territory. This process will allow the visa holders to reside and get professionally involved anywhere throughout the specific sponsoring state/territory (Australia).

The Benefits & Opportunities of Australian Visa

The permit enables you and any your family members, who would obtain enormous benefits with this service, which are as, follow:

  • Reside in the country for a long period.
  • This immigration will help you to successfully engaged in professional field and pursue studies in the country.
  • This will ensure to the medical registration in the nation ad can benefit with various health plans.
  • You can file a petition for the permanent residence of Australia.
  • This will support sponsorship to entitled family members for PR.
  • You can plan a trip back and forth to another country, for a period of 5 years, from the date the permit is provided.

Salient Features Requiring for Australia Visa Immigration

The essential requirements, an Australian visa applicant need is as follows:

  • A state of expression is essential has to represent and that should be nominated by the Australian territory.
  • You have to successfully pass in the English language proficiency test and should obtain 60 test points.
  • Applicants’ age limit should be limited to 50 years.
  • The applicant has to possess a skilled professional certificate to get the immigration visa.
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  • Send across these documents: Resume updated; Partner’s resume, if applicable; and Particulars of kids, in case applicable.
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