Top 5 immigrants-Friendly and Beautiful Countries to Migrate For Work or Travel

Before you go to any other country for a job or travel, you have to find out the most immigrant-friendly countries where you can stay peacefully, get a better opportunity, and live happily. Here is a list of Top 5 countries of the world where you can get friendly environment, safety and relaxed immigration policy.

Easy Work Visa Countries


Are you worried to reap all the benefits while living young? This country will give you the opportunity to work beyond age-restrictions. Whether you are young or aging, Schengen Visa helps to waive the fee for Irish Visa. You can get a work permit by getting the 12-month Working Holiday Authorization. Besides the beautiful landscape, the country offers immense work opportunities, and space to get a better education. You have to enroll yourself in undergraduate or graduate education, or have recently graduated. You also need to pay a fee of €300 and show proof of a return ticket. You need to show €1,500 to live off of and produce proof of at least €3,000 available if you don’t have a return ticket. General work permits are more difficult to get, but the workers who don’t meet these requirements can apply for that. Also, they have to prove that labor is needed in the field they are applying for, and they also have required specific skill sets.

Australia and New Zealand

After the US and England are figuring out options to regulate their immigration laws, Australia has relaxed its policy. This is the reason, making the country popular among immigrants. Also, it gives access to New Zealand, if you can produce NZ$4,200 and a ticket home or enough money to buy one.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is most friendly for entrepreneurs as the country is looking to create new products and jobs by attracting foreign innovators and scientists. Entrepreneurs with a start-up idea can apply for a one-year residency in the Netherlands. After this period you can extend your stay and apply for the standard self-employed work permit, in case you have established your work.


Besides, beautiful mountains, stunning landscape and a developed infrastructure, Germany offers a lot to the visitors. Though it doesn’t offer the easiest permit, it gives enough opportunity to the freelancers. You can easily get an “artist visa” that lets freelancers establish residency in Germany for the purpose of self-employment. If you are visiting as a tourist, Schengen Visa allows tourists to stay maximum up to three months in Germany.


This is the most immigrant-friendly company in Asia. You can get a long-term “business visa” and get it renewed indefinitely, without being sponsored by a company. However, to work legally in Cambodia, you’ll need to apply for a work permit.
Now, apply for Job Seekers Visa in these countries, and plan to move ahead. We are here to assist you, in case, you feel any inconvenience.

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