Denmark Green card Scheme


Try to research the choice to Immigrate to Denmark and live and work in one of the most cherry nations in the world. Denmark is a standout amongst the most well-to-do economies of Europe with an extremely stable government. Denmark is a nation in Europe. The southernmost of the Nordic nations, it is southwest of Norway and Sweden and bordered toward the Germany.

Oceans Outsourcing is the best denmark immigration consultant in delhi helps you in recognizing the perfect immigration goal and help you in the application and settlement handle. The Denmark Green Card Scheme is a point based work allow scheme which enables you to live and work in Denmark in the event that you can score enough focuses in view of criteria, for example, language, age, abilities, work involvement, and training.

Denmark Green Card Points Based System

  • Denmark Green Card Points Based system evaluate the planned candidates on the basis of their aptitudes or skills and enables them to get a temporary living arrangement allow visa on the basis of their capabilities and qualifications for the staying of getting work in the country.
  • If you score minimum 100 points, you can acquire a residence allow for up to 18 months. What’s more, you will have the capacity to bring your close family along.
  • And additionally scoring 100 points, you should have a valid health insurance policy arrangement and have the capacity to give verification that you can support yourself and your family whiles you search for work in Denmark.

Fees requirements

In order to bring family members or relatives to Denmark, you should meet certain budgetary and employment requirements. Must have an employment contract expressing that you will be employed for at least 1 year after the date of your application to convey a relative to Denmark. The minimum salary given below is must have to earn for staying in the Denmark, it totally depends on the family or relatives that you take to Denmark :

  • If you plan to bring your partner to Denmark: DKK 10,849 per month.
  • If you plan to bring at least one child: DKK 14,416 per month.

It should be noticed and announced of getting a renewal lies of a migrant and any carelessness on part of migrant in applying according to direction of advance ask for restoration then it could bring about cancellation, if the restoration of permission is not granted well inside the validity time, in which case a migrant might be compelled or forced to leave Denmark.

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